Based on https://github.com/soypat/gitaligned


All you need is oodles of disk. The makefile does everything from fetching the repos in parallel to generating the complete site and deploying it to the cubox.

First fetch repos, this takes a while and needs a bunch of disk.

% make init ORG=TykTechnologies

Then compute the alignments and publish website.

% make ORG=TykTechnologies

Re-run this to update the website with the latest changes.


This is not required, but left here for posterity.

First fetch the list of public repos for the org with:

% curl -sL https://api.github.com/orgs/TykTechnologies/repos | jq -r '.[] | .name' > repos.list

Then clone the repos, a bare repo works and is light on disk.

% while read l
git clone --bare git@github.com:TykTechnologies/${l} ${l}.git
done < repos.lst

See it running at http://home.alephnull.site/gitaligned/